Bake Wars

Thanks for your interest in our baking contest.  We’re really excited to introduce this as a part of The Empire Strikes 4 Bucks this year!

Registration Information:

1. Bake a Star Wars or autism themed cake or set of cupcakes.  The cake or cupcakes must be edible.  All entries are considered donations to the cause and will be entered into a silent auction to be completed at the end of The Empire Strikes 4 Bucks.

2.  All entries should be dropped off at the Empire Strikes 4 Bucks event on Sunday, October 26th 2014 between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm.  Bakers may arrange to drop off entries with event volunteers prior to October 26th if unable to attend the event.  Voting will be held from 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm, during which time all entries will be displayed at the Bake Wars table.  At 3:00 pm the votes will be counted and the winners in each category will be announced.  After the winners of the contest are announced the winners of the silent auctions will be announced, and the winners may pay for their cakes and take them home. In the event that a baker’s cake receives no bids (unlikely as it is) we will let the cake’s baker decide what to do with the cake if they are reachable.

3. To register please send the following information to Mary Lynn Tarquinni:


Name of business (if applicable)


Email address

Phone number

Please include if you would like your contact info displayed on the display card that accompanies your entry.  Mary Lynn’s phone number is 716 604 8458.  Please call or text with any questions!

4. There will be trophies and prizes for the three winners.  Due to planning difficulties we are not ready to announce exactly what the prizes are yet, but rest assured there will be prizes!

Thanks for helping us see one of our biggest dreams come true and may the frosting be with you!

Please visit our Bake Wars Pintrest board for inspiration:


bake wars page flier


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